Thanks to the photographers

A huge thank you to the two talented photographers who flashed me from every angle: Céline Bohrer & Jo Cappitta.

You’ll find their respective photos and contact details below.

Jo Cappitta

He sums up his work very well when he says, “My passion is serving yours! This professional photographer is passionate about art and custom motorcycles, and his style can be summed up as original, atypical and unpretentious.

He exhibits his work in major European cities, and has made a name for himself in biker and custom circles. He has made a name for himself through major magazines such as Freeway and Wild Motorcycles, and works with international sportswear brands such as Illicit Blak (UK) and Iron Army Apparel (Canada).

Our services range from photo books for private individuals and advertising campaigns for professionals, to feature stories for specialist magazines. I heartily recommend it!

J24 Studio (dedicated to photography in general)
Motorcycle Photography (dedicated to bikers and the world of motorcycles)

Céline Bohrer

A young professional photographer, Céline will create personalized, innovative photo shoots to make your photos unique and unforgettable.


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