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Gauthier and Lola C.

We met Anthony to speak at our son’s Bar Mitzvah, and young and old alike were incredibly surprised and amazed by Anthony’s entire performance, even the most reluctant. We will call on Anthony again for other events because he has a real human approach and his show is spectacular! Thanks again Anthony for a great time!

Laura D.

An exceptional evening! Anthony performed at the inauguration of my company and private party, we never tire of him 😊. Thank you Anthony for these magical moments, time has stopped! I’d recommend anyone who wants to see magic at its finest to get in touch with Anthony, he’s a human genius and technically impressive!

Vincent J.

Anthony came as a close-up artist for the 15th anniversary of my company Time Prod in Belfort. At first, I was skeptical, but in the end all my guests were as blown away as I was by Anthony’s close-up magic. Close to the people, he demonstrated his talent by sublimating his art. Even the most skeptical tried to understand, but to no avail. Very human and attentive, each guest found himself in this close-up show. I recommend it 1000%, it’s so impressive.

Bernard H.

Thank you for this moment of escape at Timeprod’s 15th anniversary party. It was truly bluffing! Bravo et bonne continuation 😉

Jérome M.

Anthony Istar came to the Dannemarie Christmas market and thanks to him, I saw lots of stars in the eyes of the children and my son. A great and beautiful moment spent watching it. His magic tricks are breathtaking, and when he performs his mentalism tricks, he’s just enormous. He’s just a great man…

Alexandre and Eva

In a small group, a show that’s both impressive and humane, with infectious good humor. All the guests were blown away by the quality of the tricks presented. An excellent moment to experience, and one that we’ll be deconstructing for many days after the show.

Nicolas B.

Anthony Istar came for our company dinner, a very fine performance and a great mastery of the art of magic and mentalism. We had a great time with him that evening in Strasbourg.
Ps: thanks for the few tricks you taught us at the end of the evening 🙂

Mileva & Julien P

What can we say about Anthony ISTAR’s performance?
Let’s start with the quality of his magic tricks, which are nothing short of breathtaking! He pulls off such a variety of stunning tricks with such ease and efficiency. You really have to experience it to understand the emotion that overwhelms you. We go from expectation and impatience to amazement and wonder.
Personality-wise, she’s a very engaging person, who will naturally put you at ease and involve you in her tricks with finesse and kindness.
Anthony ISTAR is a modern magician practising close-up and mentalism at an astounding level. Its strength lies in its ability to appeal to young and old alike. At the end of the day, a large number of people asked me for his business card.
Calling on this magician is a guaranteed success.
Thank you Anthony for helping to make our event so special and unforgettable.

Christel F.

A very fine performance, delivered with elegance and a great deal of humour – an unforgettable moment!

Pauline S.

Perfect, breathtaking, bluffing, incredible, out of the ordinary, excellent, impressive, exceptional… At the end of the performance, our guests were full of praise for Anthony, we were all won over by his perfect mastery of magic, his talent as a mentalist, his good humor and his kindness. Thank you for this wonderful moment, which will remain engraved in the memories of young and old alike!

Anne-Marie S.

Thank you Anthony, and well done for your magic and mentalism at Marie’s birthday party (age 6)!
The children were delighted, the adults shaken in their certainties, but won over by your undeniable talent, your charisma and your generosity!

Joannie & Damien G.

Thanks again for making our wedding unforgettable! You wowed the little ones and impressed the grown-ups.
You put stars in the eyes of all our guests.
Many thanks again!


A big THANK YOU Anthony for these magical moments in every sense of the word. You captivated young and old alike with your stunning close-ups, moving from group to group in the hall. There was something for every age and personality. Very professional and very close to people, you were able to transport us into your world. All you had to do was see the children’s faces light up, and those of the adults stunned, to understand that we were dealing with a Great One. You’ve mastered your art in both magic and mentalism, and I can only say to anyone wondering whether to call on your services: “Go ahead with your eyes closed, you’ll have unforgettable memories”.

Mallorie NOEL

Thank you Anthony for this superb end-of-career animation! See you soon!

Aurélie Jenn

A show in the shade of a tree, delighted children and delighted parents. Relaxed, friendly, highly professional. Simply thank you.

Antonine R.

What the hell is he doing here?! A man enters, suit in hand, smile on his lips, balloons and cards in his pockets, and the urge to unravel… what’s on your mind. A real pleasure to have discovered magic around a sofa, with family and with you. I still can’t get over it… Thank you very much

Claudine L.

This artist has a lot of talent, but beyond his bluffing abilities he has an empathy and a charisma that will make him an ally for usuccessful evening. Well done young man! Claudine Lalevee, in all sincerity.

Joëlle D.

Well done for your performance on Saturday June 8! It was great…

Laeticia M.

I wanted to thank Anthony Istar for coming to my aunt and uncle’s wedding, we had a lovely evening. Thanks for everything and I hope to see you soon .

Yoann K.

Superb performance, Anthony is very involved in his work, top animation and incredible mastery of magic!

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