lllzach Mulhouse magician Anthony lstar at Espace 110

L’Alsace ~ October 27, 2013

The Historia magic show will be presented on Saturday November 2 at Espace 110 in Illzach. This will be the first time the show has been presented in Alsace, and a return to his roots for Anthony Istar, who was born in Mulhouse in 1987. It was here that he grew up and began working magic in 2005. Even when he began studying engineering in Lyon, he never stopped performing: first for friends, then at weddings, birthdays and company parties. Anthony Istar favors close-up magic, that is, magic performed just a few centimeters away from the spectator.

In January 2013, he decided to take to the stage. With Pauline Alessandra, he wrote, directed and produced the show Historia, which will be presented in Illzach as part of a seven-date tour of France (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse…). This is a mentalism show, a form of magic in which performances are based on human mental and psychological faculties. Anthony Istar has sought to use magic to tell a long, poetic tale about the origins of creation, plunging the spectator into the heart of his own imagination. Historia is based on intense interactivity with the audience, who have a say in almost every round.

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