Mentalist Anthony Istar returns to INSA on Friday

Le Progrès ~ January 13, 2014

At just 26 years of age, Anthony Tschirhard (aka Anthony Istar) is what you might call a hyper-creative: a doctoral student in mathematics and entrepreneur by day, and a magician-mentalist by night. But before juggling numbers and software, the young Mulhousien discovered the world of magic at the age of 16: “It transcended me, and I wanted to pass on this emotion to others”. For ten years, Anthony Tschirhard taught himself the secrets of magic through books, DVDs and professional associations. Tschirhard specializes in “close-up” tricks, performed just inches from the audience, and transforms himself into an Istar during his performances.

Last April, he discovered English “mentalist” Derren Brown at a performance in Oxford, UK. Captivated by his charisma, Anthony Tschirhard and his partner, Pauline Alessandra, who writes novels, set about staging their first show. A clever blend of mentalism, poetry and illusionism, “Historia” will be performed this Friday at INSA. A return to his roots for the former Bioinformatics graduate and co-creator of the Magic’Pic association.

Le Progrès January 16, 2014
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