Anthony Tschirhard: Visionary and Magician

Le Progrès ~ November 11, 2012

At 25, Anthony Tschirhard is a graduate of INSA and École Normale Supérieure. A brilliant education, to say the least. His specialty, “modeling complex systems”, will undoubtedly leave the average citizen in the dark… More concretely, Anthony specializes in the various study systems that aim to make cities cleaner, smarter and therefore more pleasant for residents and users. A young man with his eye on the future…

But because he’s curious, alongside this concrete, technical, practical world, the young scientist has more than one string to his bow. He is a professional magician. He handles illusion, dreams, madness and the impossible. Infected with the magic virus in 2005, he never recovered. On the contrary, he works on the subject day in, day out, to blow his audience away even more. Seminars, private parties, corporate events, galas, Christmas trees… the young man is constantly called upon to offer his impossible, inconceivable poetry. So, as long as he can, the young “Insalian” is determined not to have to choose between his two professions and his two passions.

La Tribune de Lyon March 28, 2013
Le Progrès March 08, 2009