The first steps of a great “Carte Flambee”

L’associatif ~ June 02, 2013

Magician Anthony Istar performs a series of magic tricks in front of an audience that has been won over by this brand-new association dedicated to introducing people to the world of magic.

The birth of an association is an essential event. Who doesn’t remember the initial excitement of setting up a company, waiting for the green light from the Prefecture, the administrative formalities? The question is why? Why create a “legal entity” when two individuals, magician Anthony Istar and Pauline Alessandra, are being turned down to rent a showroom? Precisely, the associative structure enables us to overcome the obstacles and even vetoes opposed to all initiatives to launch a show. But that’s not all. Under the guise of an association, it becomes possible to develop a project of general interest. To raise awareness of the mysterious world of magic, to inspire vocations and delight an ever-growing audience.

Born in April 2013, the association “La Carte Flambée” is experiencing the joys of birth, the first steps, already, to appear in broad daylight and then tackle the development of its objectives. They are of several kinds. Magic is a secret art that never reveals itself. But that doesn’t mean we should remain frustrated by the desire to rub shoulders with them. Discovering the world of magicians and taking the step to becoming one yourself: that’s the ambition of “La Carte Flambée”. It’s not enough to want to practice this art, you have to know how to do it, be able to present yourself, take on a show in front of an audience. As for the audience, already sensitized by programs such as “Le plus Cabaret du Monde” on a public channel, they deserve to be approached differently, in a more intimate way, without revealing to them precisely what makes this show so attractive: the power of magic.

Pauline Alessandra, the 22-year-old president, explains: “Two young people, Anthony Istar and myself, are facing a lot of difficulties when it comes to renting a venue. Our project is already underway, as it involves an event called “HISTORIA”, which will be presented in July and premiered in November. With the Association, we have the structure we need to find donations of equipment, loans and anything else we need. 3,000 euros for magic equipment is not uncommon. Another magician has recently joined us. We are starting to record our first memberships and active memberships. Anthony will be offering a discovery course for children to encourage vocations. The cult of secrecy is indispensable. However, the more the public supports us, the more we can innovate and amplify our tours. We chose mentalism. This doesn’t mean practising grand illusions, but working with mind-reading, feelings and emotions. Magicians make significant progress with the public, and it’s important to help them perform to achieve excellence. It is the cornerstone of our existence. We are currently looking for sponsors to provide in-kind support in the form of equipment, technical and practical resources. Donations help to fund the association’s preparations for its first show. Tickets sold for this one will then feed the financial wheel for other productions. For the moment, the current phase is to promote our association so that a wide public supports us and accompanies us in our projects. We need them, and they need us if they’re going to enjoy a good show. Such a show costs around 7 to 8,000 euros. The project is ambitious, but we know we’re going to make people happy.

Journal des Spectacles September 1, 2013
La Tribune de Lyon March 28, 2013