Close-up magic, also known as table magic or micromagic, is an intimate type of performance. This form is ideal for weddings, birthdays, corporate dinners and private parties. Unlike the stage or screen, close-up magic takes place just a few centimeters from your eyes.

There are two variations:

Table Hopping

Table hopping magic is performed during meals: weddings, birthdays, company dinners, etc. The magician visits tables between courses to present short, visual magical encounters for guests. In the past, some attendees have noted the unexplained disappearance of chocolates and other sweet treats. The magician cannot be held responsible for these missing items.

One hour for 50 guests.


Cocktail close-up is a form of magic where the magician casually moves among guests to perform amazing spectacles right before their eyes. This is the ideal format for receptions, cocktail parties and corporate events. The only real constraint is how to applaud with a glass of champagne in hand.

One hour for 70-80 guests.

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