Anthony, Student by Day, Magician by Night

Le Progrès ~ March 08, 2009

A good student, in fact a very good student. After completing his preparatory classes, Anthony Tschirhard found himself on the benches of Insa, one of France’s most sought-after Grandes Écoles. The 21-year-old is planning a career in the environment and renewable energies. Also passionate about literature, this Villeurbanne resident is an active member of the literary meetings cycle with P. Bousquet and C. Goutaland. Goutaland.

But Anthony has no shortage of strings to his bow. He’s an expert in magic and illusions. For the past four years, in fact, under the pseudonym of Istar, he has been working magic. He performs professionally at galas and meetings. A specialist in strings, cards and coins, he blows his world away. The icing on the cake is that he finances his studies by pursuing his passion.

Le Progrès November 11, 2012