How to choose the right magician for your wedding?

Your wedding magician

Choosing a magician for your private event (wedding, birthday or other) is no easy task. There is no diploma or certificate of aptitude for the magical arts. The quality of an artist depends on many things, and is not necessarily quantifiable.

Of course, nothing beats a live demonstration to discover the magician’s style. But that’s not always possible; for example, I very rarely meet the bride and groom before my shows. However, it is possible for the attentive eye to find a few clues:

  • rely above all on the contact (telephone, video) you have with the magician. If you feel you’ve got a good rapport over the phone, chances are you’ll feel the same on the big day. On the other hand, if the person seems distant, unprofessional or lacking in self-confidence, don’t bother! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have (type of tricks, course of action, etc.).
  • also rely on the quality of the website. Clothes don’t make the man, of course, but magic is an art of detail. A magician with a kitschy ’90s website is likely to show you tricks based on disappearing scarves or ropes cut in half.
  • last but not least, try to get an idea of the magician’s “CV”: does he have any press articles? Photos/videos on your website? If you see photos with spectators smiling or gawking, it’s because they’ve had a good time (or that they’re accomplices, but everyone knows there’s never an accomplice in magic).

If you would like to book Anthony Istar for a show, please contact me.


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